Unbeatable is a perspective change that results in life changing reactions. It is a state-of-mind, knowing that you can have joy, laughter and peace even during extremely difficult times. Unbeatable is caring for others, even when it is not convenient, and taking time to be in the moment.


Below we are highlighting ordinary people who are extraordinary because of their Unbeatable spirit. Enjoy! #BeUnbeatable


Unbeatable has a very special place in BRITTANY GARRISON’s heart.  She had the honor of portraying Tracy Boyd for Hamilton Gibson Productions in Wellsboro, PA, in 2012.  A few years after her leading performance, Brittany had to channel Tracy’s strength when she faced a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis on her 30th birthday.  The lines and songs of this fabulous, uplifting play kept her strong and sure while facing the unknown.  That Unbeatable spirit continued when her father was diagnosed with throat cancer in the middle of recording a solo album, so she left Pittsburgh to be with her parents, helping her father finish his album using her voice

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