‘Unbeatable’, playing to standing ovations,
is touchingly hilarious”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer



Fast-moving and manages to evoke emotion
without being maudlin...creators of Unbeatable
certainly find humor where others

might fear to laugh"

The Arizona Republic


“Funny and moving, Eric Coble's book has the
benefit of authenticity…

Todd Schroeder and Kevin Fisher's songs
provide some of the show's best moments

with rousing music that drives the show
forward with energy and spirit.”

The Houston Chronicle


“Unbeatable” brilliantly balances
maudlin pathos with upbeat humor .."



“I was deeply moved by the very

relevant message the show (Unbeatable) imparts."

Angela Lansbury


"Unbeatable shows the roller coaster ride
we live daily - only with a LOT more humor!!!
It is fabulous!"

Beth Overmoyer, Medical Oncologist


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