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Tracy Boyd, a fun, energetic, driven, get it done entertainment executive encounters an unexpected medical diagnosis in UnBeatable  ::  The Musical.

Based on a true story, this fast-paced, 90-minute show chronicles Tracy’s roller coaster life with her family and friends over the course of one transformative year – with humour, courage, wit, and strength. With high stakes for herself and her support team, we root for Tracy as she navigates the unknown; embracing her UnBeatable Spirit !


On August 13, 2018, a benefit concert reading was done at The Irene Diamond Stage at The Pershing Square Signature in New York City – we supported The Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative, a program of The Actors Fund, because it was founded to help women in entertainment navigate the steps that follow a life-changing diagnosis. Jenn Colella (Tony nominated, Come From Away) lead a cast of twelve from nine previous casts to a sold out standing ovation crowd.


Based on the true life-story of entertainment executive Laurie Frey.

2006-2008 – UnBeatable  began at the Phoenix Theatre New Works Festival (August, 2006), followed by Cleveland’s Playhouse Square's Launch Series for an artist residency (June, 2007). At New York's Barrow Group Theater (August, 2007), the UnBeatable  showcase starred Broadway's Jenn Colella. After seeing the NYC showcase, Bristol Myers Squibb brought a one-act version of the show to Los Angeles (Nov, 2007) and Philadelphia (May, 2008) for an audience of 1,000+ medical professionals from all over the country.

2008-2013 – UnBeatable  played in Phoenix, AZ and Houston, TX to standing ovations for all 45 performances (August - October, 2008). As the Hurricane of 2008 delayed performances in Houston after opening, The Pink Ribbons Project utilized this time with our cast, spearheaded by Broadway’s Kristy Cates, to record fifteen songs for a cast album. Regional productions were then produced at The Playhouse at Westport Plaza in St. Louis, MO (Sept-Nov, 2010), the Deane Center in Wellsboro, PA (Sept-Oct 2012) and at the Tower Theatre in Roseville, CA (June, 2013).


Done - 02:27
UnBeatable Album Cover
Holding the Future - 02:39
Options - 02:38
Supershake - 02:35
Learn How to Bend - 03:17
Pricked, Poked, Prodded - 03:09
Follow the Light - 03:34
Queen of the Trial - 02:36
Miss Chemo - 02:52
UnBeatable - 02:57
Leaving Me - 03:14
The Pharmacy Song - 01:41
Hold On to Love - 03:59
Live - 03:24
UnBeatable Reprise - 01:54
I'm Gonna Live - Jenn Colella - 03:29


Laurie Frey
Michael Barnard
Eric Coble
Todd Schroeder
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UnBeatable is a perspective change that results in life-changing reactions. It is a state-of-mind, knowing that you can have joy, laughter, and peace even during extremely difficult  times. UnBeatable is caring for others, even when it is not convenient, and taking time to be in the moment.

Below, we are highlighting ordinary people who are extraordinary because of their UnBeatable Spirit. Enjoy!

Brittany Garrison

Brittany Garrison

UnBeatable has a very special place in Brittany Garrison’s heart. She had the honor of portraying Tracy Boyd for the Hamilton Gibson Productions in Wellsboro, PA, in 2012. A few years after her leading performance, Brittany had to channel Tracy’s strength when she faced a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis on her 30th birthday. The lines and songs of this fabulous, uplifting play kept her strong and sure while facing the unknown. That UnBeatable Spirit continued when her father was diagnosed with throat cancer in the middle of recording a solo album, so she left Pittsburgh to be with her parents, helping her father finish his album using her voice.

Orgena Rose

Orgena Rose

When I was first involved in UnBeatable , I saw a lot of myself in the main character and thought to myself, this is a sign and message for me to slow down and not be so driven to just get things done but instead enjoy more of the heart-to-heart connections with the people I love and those who are in my world. When it showed up a second time, it was like a bit of a check-in to see how am I doing with what I learned the first time as well as a louder call to get my check-ups and not wait, since I recently had a similar experience as the main character on a different level this time. Powerful show with powerful messages!

Cadden Jones

Cadden Jones

For Cadden Jones, the UnBeatable experience came at a very challenging time in her life. Back in 2007 when she was cast in the NYC production, she was suffering from neurological symptoms that doctors were unable to diagnose, experimenting with treatments that weren’t working. Having to perform through the discomfort was scary, and would have been unbearable for Cadden, but instead of giving up, she was able to channel the themes, lyrics and lessons of the show, holding onto faith, love and the courage to walk through the fear. UnBeatable is a guidebook for all those living in fear and uncertainty, and a lesson for everyone to live in the present moment. Cadden is forever grateful that UnBeatable came into her life when it did, and its message never fails her when she needs a reminder of what really matters.

Pamela Reckamp

Pamela Reckamp

Pamela Reckamp (who played Dr. Ossman in NYC this summer) uses her UnBeatable Spirit by bringing relief supplies and helping the locals in Luquillo, Puerto Rico in the continuing aftermath of Hurricane Maria. She has returned four times bringing food, clothing, and solar lights to the local hospital; and this will likely be her primary residence in less than five years. Let’s give a standing ovation for Pamela and her commitment to others!


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